SiteMetrics: SEO Extension for Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox

SiteMetrics SEO is a Google Chrome Browser and Mozilla Firefox Plugin to analyse and monitor important onpage SEO metrics.

Red button indicates a few onpage issues on Google Chrome

Green addon bar icon indicates SEO less issues on Mozilla Firefox


The SiteMetrics SEO Extension for Google Chrome and Firefox is a handy small browser plugin to get some relevant onsite SEO metrics while surfing the web.

The button in the browser bar will indicate the SEO onpage quality: A red button for issues with the title and description; a green button for none or less issues.

When you press the button, you will also get some SEO relevant information right in the popup.


Currenty the Google Chrome and Firefox SEO Extension supports the following metrics:
  • title
  • description
  • keywords
  • robots
  • meta langugae
  • canonical tag
  • overall link count

Download & Install

You can install and download SiteMetrics SEO direct from Google Chrome Webstore or the Mozilla Addons Site.

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